Vincent Lee

  • 立体



Career in Education
2016 - present Art & Design Lecturer
Teaching subjects including art foundation, spatial design, and illustration design

Career in Design
2010 - 2013 Exhibition Designer
2006 - 2010 Window Display Designer
2002 - 2006 IKEA interior Designer

Education Background
2013 - 2015 Master in Visual Art (University of the Arts London)
2003 - 2005 Bachelor of Applied and Media Arts (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
2000 - 2002 Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Art Exhibition and Award
2021 Best Portfolio Award in Lost Fishes Art Challenge (UK)
2015 Group Exhibition Hyphen (Hong Kong)
2015 Group Exhibition. Camberwell College of Arts (UK)
2014 Champion in Art Cube live art competition (UK, London)


A sea turtle skeleton and whale skeleton taxidermy by people in the future. Many Animals are extinct due to the harmful actions of humans. However, humans still would like to reform the animals' gestures, organizing and recording their history. They think what they found and collected from the ocean (those plastics) is a fossil of animals nowadays. Thus, this skeleton form is actually the future people trying their best to reform.

The sea turtle
400mm X 400 mm
mixed media

Whale Skeleton
580mm x 790mm
mixed media


<Review and comments from the organizer> Thank you for participating in the Metasequoia Art Fair from Hong Kong. This artist combines marine plastic spoons and forks to create skeletal specimens of sea turtles and whales. The theme and concept are exactly the issues that creators of today need to tackle, and although we can see many artworks with the same theme, the aesthetic of sticking to white plastic material and making skeletons into works of art so carefully is wonderful. There are three pieces in this series on Instagram, including the stingray. I would like to see more of this beautiful and message-oriented work, and I would like to see you try larger pieces as well.

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