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Xi “petechen” Chen:
Born in Guangzhou on February 2, 1986, he is a artist active in China's underground art scenario with various strange aka such as petechen , happymeal and so on. Started doodling at the age of two. After graduating from college in Guangzhou 2009, he continued his studies in San Francisco. Since 2005, he has been engaged in various visual design and music-related creations uninterruptedly. In 2014, he returned to China and continued to engage in related creative work.

Kosma Gong:
Born in Guangzhou in 1993, graduated from the Photography Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Kosma has started her drawing since childhood, and is an independent photographer and musician who is bridging culture and art diversity by her creations. In 2018, Established art studio "monotonous" with petechen, and changed its name to StudioEarthGood in 2022.

Product Design:
All products of EarthGoodGarments  2018-2022

Album Art:
Dj ores<a bagel tape>2020
Pieropiero/BHRegion<L6C 2S5>2021
Ores/Happymeal<Goodle Tape>2021
Madpete <Cantonese Boombap>2013
柠檬精<Turn It Up>2014
Wootacc <Maiden Voyage>2014
      <Dangerous Territory>2019
Chinese Football/The White Tulips<Half Half#1>2017 Analog tape club<Summer you and I>2020 Die!chiwawadie! / Struggle Session<Split>2017

Visual Identity Design:
EarthGoodGarments 2018-2022
WackSaturdayRecords 2020-2022
Daily Vinyl 2014-2019
Groove Bunny Records 2013-2019


Based in Guangzhou,China. StudioEarthGood  was established by Xi “petechen” Chen and Kosma Gong,in year 2018,and has started their clothing line under the name“EarthGoodGarments”.
The brand is trying to blend improvised illustration and comfortable cutting fun outfit together,  trying to convey their “EarthGood” lifestyle!
In last 4 years SEG has put efforts in this artistic experiment through territories such as design,photography,clothing and music production and will maintain what they are doing in the future.

The illustration of SEG is mainly focusing on the topics of nature and human society,by using contemporary art style to create multiple fun and easy perspectives.

Exploration During the journey, in a completely unfamiliar but beautiful environment, breaking through the limitations of "landscape" and leaving imaged commemorations. Observing the scenery and life during the journey in different ways and angles, trying to capture the beautiful memory on the edge of being lost.


中国、広州からエントリーの二人組「Studio Earth good」。太い線、ポップな色、とぼけたキャラクターはストリート感や楽しさがいっぱいでとても素敵です。インスタグラムでは手書きのタイプフェイスとワインポイントのイラストがクールなTシャツやキャップなどのアパレルが並んでてとても賑やか。きっと地元で大人気だろうなと想像できます。

Studio Earth good" is a duo entry from Guangzhou, China. Their bold lines, pop colors, and blurry characters have a very nice street feel and fun. Their Instagram page is very busy with cool T-shirts, caps, and other apparel with hand-drawn typefaces and wine-point illustrations. I can imagine that they must be very popular in their hometown.

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