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OLI is a self-taught illustrator who’s currently based in Kuala Lumpur. She was born and raised in Jakarta, pursued her studies in Swinburne, Melbourne, and graduated from Lasalle College, Jakarta. 

Looking for more structure in life, she started working in the creative industry as a designer. And as time passed, like any other stressed out creative, she needed an outlet. She started experimenting with illustration in 2017, as part of a personal project, exploring new spaces where she can fully express herself.

In 2019, her artwork was selected as part of the GIFFEST exhibition in Singapore, and she joined her first art exhibition at Unknown Asia in Osaka. She also participated in Bangkok Illustration Fest 2021. And recently, her NFT work was featured in #BreakTheBias group exhibition in Kuala Lumpur to commemorate 2022 International Women’s Day.


OLI is a self-taught illustrator who’s currently based in Kuala Lumpur. She draws inspiration from daily observations, turning them into surreal illustrations with a little dose of pop culture. A mix of bizarre imagination and morbid optimism. Delicate lines with burst of colours.


<Comment / Review by the organizer > A large-eyed figure lies in a fetal pose in a bright orange space. The character looks very happy as she sleeps comfortably surrounded by what looks like watery clouds shimmering around her. Oli continues to exhibit her work across the country, including at UNKNOWN ASIA and exhibitions in Singapore and Bangkok. Thank you very much for participating in Art Gumi's NFT EXHIBITION at Metasequoia. We are very happy to connect with you in this way.

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